Channel4you creates an immersive space with 3D anamorphic content in the lobby of the new Aura office building

In collaboration with Cushman & Wakefield, Channel4you, and LEDDREAM Group, we've crafted an immersive 3D anamorphic space in the lobby of Barcelona's new Aura office building. It's a stunning digital canvas inviting users to disconnect and reconnect with nature.
Channel4you creates an immersive space with 3D anamorphic content in the lobby of the new Aura office building

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Impressive digital canvas that invites users to disconnect and connect with nature

Located in the heart of Barcelona, on Avenida Diagonal D471, next to Francesc Macià, the new Aura office building stands as a symbol of innovation and sustainability. With over half a century of history, this emblematic building has been transformed into a cutting-edge space that blends prime offices, green areas and terraces, retail shopping areas, food & beverage outlets, and a gourmet supermarket. In addition, Aura holds prestigious LEED, WELL, and WiredScore Platinum certifications, as well as LEVEL(s), ensuring a sustainable and healthy environment for its occupants and guaranteeing the implementation of its ESG strategies.

This comprehensive remodeling and transformation project of the former El Corte Inglés center has been led by the promoter Mersan Assets Management, in collaboration with the prestigious architecture firm Blanch + Conca (BCA Arquitectura). The project management has been handled by Projects & Facilities Management. In contrast, the marketing and management of the property has been entrusted to the real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield, in collaboration with its Partner LEDDREAM Group, which took charge of all the installation and execution of audiovisual technology, as well as the design and management of experiential content for the building's main lobby. This project marks an architectural milestone in the city's urban development, attracting large companies and professionals in search of an exceptional working environment.


The main lobby of the Aura office building becomes a dynamic digital canvas with 3D anamorphic content that stimulates the senses, awakens the imagination, and connects users with nature.

In collaboration with the prestigious real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield, Channel4you, and LED DREAM Group, they have transformed the main reception of the building into an impressive dynamic digital canvas. This transformation aims not only to stimulate the senses and awaken the imagination but also to connect users with nature from a digital artistic perspective. The main reception of the building now offers an immersive experience, blending the aesthetics of the building with natural elements in a space that evokes unique sensations. With careful contrast between the greenery of nature and the warmth of wood, harmonization has been achieved with the facade's predominant white color and the building's interior.

In this immersive artistic space, LED DREAM Group took charge from conceptualization, design, supply, assembly, installation, and commissioning of a LED screen of more than 24m2, with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, located in the corner of the reception. This screen has an almost perfect 90-degree angle, facilitating the visualization of 3D anamorphic content and experiential loops. Additionally, it is complemented by another LED screen of 1m² wide by 2m high, with a pixel pitch of 1.9mm, for smaller spaces, offering an exceptional brightness of 2500 nits. Both screens are combined to create a surprising visual experience that distinguishes this space, and they will be used to exhibit various contents and corporate events of the building.

Creativity in content is a central aspect of this immersive experience. Channel4you, the content creative company of LED DREAM Group, was inspired by nature for the design of 3D anamorphic content and experiential loops. These contents invite visitors to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and reconnect with what really matters, offering a unique sensory experience that transports viewers on an immersive journey through natural beauty.

By connecting with the essence of nature at Aura, we designed the AURA logo in 3D anamorphic, which integrates organically with the reception wood, and also designed and created different experiential loops that offer an immersive experience that captivates the senses and inspires calmness. With these creative ad-hoc pieces, very visual and attractive, we have captured the essence of nature in all its forms: from stunning sunsets and the majesty of galaxies to a unique representation of life in constant change, inspired by the cyclical nature of seasons and the passage of time.

The integration of the BMS system has also been a priority in this project. Customized real-time content has been designed to inform users about energy efficiency, directories, services, corporate events, and brand values, offering an immersive experience for all visitors. As well as various contents that reinforce their corporate identity.

This unique project has represented a challenge in all its phases, from the conception of the idea to the integration of the contents, the different themes with a common thread, sketches and creation of 3D contents, manipulation of archive material... All these contents are perfectly integrated into the screen and its space, maintaining the elegance and style of the exclusive office building.


About LEDDREAM Group: We are an audiovisual engineering company, specialized in providing technological solutions based on LED screens, digital content creation, and dynamic digital lighting. We design, inspire, and collaborate in the creation of new digital and functional spaces, adapted to any type of architecture or space used. As a technological partner, we provide the most innovative solutions on the market, with the aim of bringing spaces to life, generating memorable interactive and digital experiences that attract visitors to the shopping center.

About Channel4you: We are a creative and strategic studio that offers innovative solutions for audiovisual communication. We are part of the LEDDREAM Group content team. At Channel4You, we are responsible for creating and managing content for screens, shop windows, and various digital platforms, adapting it to the needs and objectives of each client. Our services cover the strategic phase, from the conceptualization of the idea, the definition of technologies, product design, content creation and development, such as 3D animations, moving 2D graphics, storyboards, video mapping, VR/AR, post-production, and after-sales support. Contact us at

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