Causes of Supply Problems

Causes of Supply Problems

Last week was a remarkable and wonderful InfoComm.  One topic we heard a lot about there was supply, with a top question being, "Why?" Right now, the biggest single cause is demand.  Demand has increased substantially in the last six months and suppliers are struggling to keep up.  How that plays it for individual products can be odd.  To explain by anecdote, one supplier of digital switching panels explained to us that they were facing long lead times for a few products due to, of all things, buttons.  Not chips.  Buttons. It's a simple component, but the manufacturer faced a rapid spike in demand and couldn't meet it quickly. 

This anecdote could be repeated across many components.  The common thread though is demand, especially against a backdrop of already strained supply lines.  Expect these issues to continue as the return to in-person drives rapid pro AV recovery in 2022. 

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