Case Study | Tampa International Airport SkyCenter

Creating a positive employee experience was TIA's goal and AVI-SPL was called on to deliver it.
Case Study | Tampa International Airport SkyCenter
Photos credit: AVI-SPL

About Tampa International Airport

...The airport authority recently outgrew its administration offices inside the terminal buildings. Its vision was to create new offices outfitted with modern collaboration technology in the SkyCenter One administration building.

AVI-SPL Team Member Hard at Work

Employee experience goals and challenges

The team decided to capitalize on their office relocation opportunity and establish a new productive hybrid work environment that included collaboration areas and hot desking options. Their primary objective was to install new technology that was simple and easy to use, and that delivered a consistent, positive user experience 

Despite encountering delays stemming from post-pandemic product availability, we adjusted the schedule to advance other aspects of the project. Ultimately, AVI-SPL successfully concluded the project, aligning with the customer’s preferred technology preferences.

Security posed another hurdle. However, we worked with airport personnel to access certain offices that were accessible only with an employee badge or escort.

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It's always important for employees in any industry to have comfortable, flexible workspaces so they know that whatever work they have to do, there is a space to complete it. Have you been part of a workplace renovation? Share your experiences and comments below!

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