AVIXA Connects and Engages with Members in APAC

Business leaders across India and Singapore connect in Asia Pacific to discuss and share perspectives on industry growth.
AVIXA Connects and Engages with Members in APAC

The AVIXA APAC team successfully engaged with its members from India and Singapore through separate events held in Bengaluru and Singapore during the month of August. 

During the India event, attendees actively participated in a Business Leaders Roundtable Discussion where they shared their perspectives on industry growth in India, emerging business trends, challenges, and actionable insights. This engaging discussion was followed by a dedicated networking hour.

At these gatherings, Jonathan Seller, Senior Regional Director for Asia Pacific at AVIXA, presented valuable insights derived from the AVIXA Market Intelligence report, IOTA, focusing on the Asia Pacific region.

These networking occasions served as an excellent opportunity for senior leaders within member companies to come together, re-establish connections with AVIXA, connect with peers, and establish new professional relationships.



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