Are You Ready for Next Level Collaboration?

Microsoft Teams Integration and enhanced monitoring. The future at work, right here, right now.
Are You Ready for Next Level Collaboration?

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As we adapt to new working landscapes, we must address the challenges faced by hybrid working and remote teams. Considerations must be given as to how to provide a real alternative to traditional meetings and how to embrace new working practices.

It is important to address the needs for an alternative to traditional meeting rooms. Spaces that can be truly multi-functional and deliver as digital production arenas, to collaborate and visualise assets and services. Rooms that provide a consistent user experience with centralized management and support of complex business infrastructures.

Making the hybrid model work

The adoption of Microsoft Teams across businesses is now widespread, providing additional value to operational efficiencies and enhancing employee satisfaction and remote working practices.

This trend creates opportunities for organizations wanting to standardize their collaboration spaces, both large and small, whilst providing a consistent user experience.

There is a need to provide rooms that inspire and foster true collaboration, that add value to both users and businesses alike, and provide the best consistent Teams experience for in-room and remote attendees.

IT approach to delivery and support

This IT-centric approach means that Cyviz is fast becoming the preferred solution to support MTRs in large rooms and those with different complexities whilst providing a consistent user interface, room continuity and equitable collaboration experiences across the estate.

Next level collaboration

Cyviz meets the requirement to enhance MTRs and provide dynamic environments that support multiple needs, such executive level boardrooms, briefing centres, dynamic control rooms and innovation spaces, delivering next level collaboration. Bringing the Cyviz in-room experience to life, supporting multiple input sources to inspire information sharing, discussion, and in-room decision making.

Furthermore, with the addition of features such as Front Row, the in-room Teams experience is further enhanced via ultra-wide video walls, which are synonymous with Cyviz solutions. User participation continues to benefit from the Cyviz Platform with our centralised approach to operation and the ability to deliver rooms with a native Teams experience and supporting more complex audio and video equipment throughout the room due to our unique integration with Teams & MTRs.

A Complete Platform

The Cyviz solution natively integrates the Teams user experience across all rooms. Our centralized platform provides a single view for a standardised, configurable, and upgradeable approach to control, support, and management across the entire estate of meeting and collaboration solutions.

Find out more on or visit one of our Cyviz Experience Centers in Atlanta, Benelux, Dubai, Houston, Jakarta, London, Oslo, Riyadh, Singapore, Stavanger, or Washington DC.


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Go to the profile of Peter Stewart
about 1 year ago

This integrated Cyviz solution works with any Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) on Windows device - Poly-HP, Logitech, Dell, Lenovo, Yealink, Crestron.  Pairs nicely with seamless LED fine pitch video walls or narrow bezel LCD ultrawide video walls, audio systems from Shure-Sennheiser-Biamp, and the new AI intelligent tracking camera systems from Poly-HP, Logitech, Huddly, 1Beyond.  We have a nice virtual demo experience for anyone who would like to see it live and, of course, we'll be at Infocomm Orlando in June!