Advantages of Community vs. Social Media - Tip #17

Advantages of Community vs. Social Media - Tip #17

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AVIXA Xchange is many things. It’s a means of educating, informing and of making valuable business connections. It’s a marketing tool that facilitates connecting solution seekers with solution providers through a global AV Provider Directory. And yes, it’s a space to be social: to chat with peers and weigh in on trending topics. It’s a community and it’s distinctly different from, but complementary to, social media platforms in many ways.

  • Focused: Xchange is a unique community for the AV industry and those interested in discovering and implementing AV/IT technologies. While all individuals are welcome, the content and conversations are centered exclusively around AV/IT.
  • Fresh: Xchange introduces members and brands to an ever-growing new audience. Instead of posts only being seen by those who follow a person or brand, posting in Xchange reaches everyone following or visiting the selected Channels or Rooms. There’s also a terrific opportunity to capture new eyes directly from the homepage.
  • Non-linear: Unlike social sites that provide a “feed” based on the individuals and companies followed, Xchange provides a wide-open community for users to explore. Rather than scrolling through numerous irrelevant posts or trying to navigate back to something previously viewed that is now buried, Xchange enables users to quickly navigate to key topic areas via Channels or highly-focused regional-, market-, event- or socially-focused micro-communities via Rooms.

  • Selective: Like social media, users are alerted to updates from those they follow, but those alerts are sent to their inbox rather than displaying in a feed and it’s up to them if they wish to navigate to it.
  • Valuable: Xchange encourages users to share their expertise and innovative solutions-based technologies through case studies, whitepapers, and articles as well as by sharing invitations to insightful panel discussions and events that would prove valuable. All are welcome to curate content from industry publications, outside media sources, etc. -anything they feel will contribute to the community. This natural vetting brings the best-of-the-best to other community members.
  • Uncluttered –Xchange is free of auto-generated posts such as highlighting work anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Strategic: Providers and individuals can engage with clearly defined audience segments, targeting their message and posting into specific Channels and Rooms.
  • Searchable: Hashtags and badging help users filter content with the added bonus of being able to simply enter keywords into the global search field to find people and content.

  • Complementary: There’s no arguing that social media is a valuable marketing tool and great way to connect personally and professionally. Xchange can contribute to, and effectively draw from, a company’s or individual’s social media networks. Content posted on Xchange can be shared onto other platforms and, likewise, content appearing on a social platform can easily be linked to and shared in Xchange, expanding reach and growing audience through resource sharing.

Xchange is your community. Make it part of your go-to routine and enjoy its many benefits! 

What will you do with all that power?!

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