8 Essential Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

Remote teams don't have to be isolated. Here are 8 tools to make your hybrid workforce more connected.
8 Essential Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

While remote collaboration offers several benefits, including improved efficiency, time savings, and higher employee productivity, it can also prove challenging. Teams that collaborate remotely face a variety of challenges daily. These challenges include communication across teams, lack of structure, role confusion, nurturing team relationships, and managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Remote teams that experience any of these challenges can use existing technology to improve collaboration and streamline workflows. In his article on the topic, Ngozi Chukwu highlights some of them and explains how they can help your team work more effectively. 

Video conferencing tools

Despite the flexibility and mobility that remote work can provide, it cannot replace the connection that face-to-face communication provides. With video conferencing tools, you can virtually be present with your colleagues. Through them, relationships can be nurtured and effective communication can be achieved. Additionally, they encourage individual participation across teams.

Project management tools

A good project management tool makes everyone's job easier.

They should depict the hierarchy of tasks and show which actions are sequential and which outputs depend on each other. Project management tools keeps everyone informed about the team's structure and individual roles when working remotely. 

Instant messaging tools

Even though email is great, it may leave members feeling disconnected. By using instant messaging, everyone on the remote team is able to communicate quickly and effectively. 

Collaborative documentation tools

Online document collaboration tools allow users to share and edit documents with others. Using them, multiple people can work on a single document simultaneously using different devices or computers. By doing this, remote teams can save money and be more creative. 

To read more, including Chucwu's product recommendations, read his original article here.

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over 1 year ago

Remote work does provide challenges, but luckily there are these tools available to us and finding the right ones for you and your team are so imperative. Staying connected is a big one for effective communication. And allowing several people to work on a single document makes it feel more collaborative. It has certainly made my life easier!