Vincent Lepore

Director of Training and Professional Services, Audinate
Mark Tarbet

President, Ridge AV

Scott Wick

President, Sound Decisions LLC

Bryan Henry

Owner & Chief Operator, Event Engineering Solutions LLC

Jim Bask

VP, Marketing, Broadfield

James Reinhart


Joan Schernekau

Owner, Side Hustle Lighting



Stuart Rote

Vice President, Solotech

Tom Pfaendler

President, Virtual Habitat, Inc.

Lance Feldenkreiss

Director of Engineering, JKL Technologies, Inc.

Maxe Axelsson

CEO, EdTech Studios

I'm the CEO of EdTech Studios, my background coming from About EdTech Studios EdTech Studios represents broad experience and expertise, combined with outstanding technical capabilities through its own production facilities. Our ambition is to be a total supplier to our customers when it comes to digital education. A large network of partners established over the years also gives us access to more unique expertise when needed in our client projects. EdTech Studios has its roots in upper secondary education and music and media production in its own studios. A business that started back in the late 1980s. Work in digital education began in the 1990s. As several client projects in eLearning became more extensive within the media group Pama Studios, EdTech Studios was started as an independent company in the spring of 2018.
Alexis Sans

CEO, Electronic Dojo

Jonathan Yu

President, Farlight Services

Ben Stiegler

CEO, (not just) Performing Arts Audio

Kirk de los Santos

President, System Works, Inc.

Dan Rosenfeld

CEO, The Park West Group

Enrique Menendez

President, HNO Productions

Mike Dolan

Director of AV, Coltrane Systems

Karl Van Oostenbrugge

President, KVO Communications Inc.

Started in High School working in a TV sales and repair shop (1979). Through college I remained working part-time in the TV shop as a technician and received my electronics background along with an associates degree in electronics. From there I moved to an AV company as a bench technician then onto the road installing. Ran up the ladder into management by 1995 and started my own company in 1999.  Now presently 12 employees strong, plus partime summer help and subcontractors on and off throughout the year.
Fabrizio Chirico

President , Drimlab