Thomas Evans

Managing Director - Electronics, Active Digital
  • Active Digital
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About Thomas Evans

Active Digital is a leader in delivering Employee Enablement and Customer Experience within Digital Transformations. We are a company that is skilled in designing and executing a customer focused company wide or department level full transition to digital. Our work is built to align your internal teams from IT, Sales, Marketing, e-commerce and After Sales Support around the customer.

For most organizations currently down the path with a transformation, there are a few specific areas that Active is typically brought in to launch:

- Research customer experience and optimize organizational planning around it
- Create a more satisfying customer and/or employee experience
- Simplify for my salespeople and CRM efficiency
- More effectively connect my marketing and sales teams to drive higher sales
- Connect my e-commerce systems to my after-service support and CRM programs
- Unify data and business processes around systems that your teams actually use and trust

Unlike most companies, we are built with both strategy and technology experts to see a project designed and through completion. We are experts in hearing your issues, designing the solution, and working through final implementation.

No Digital project is too small or too complex for our team.


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