Steve Greenblatt

President & Founder, Control Concepts, Inc.
Mike Kirby

Sr. Director, Partner Strategy and Growth, Impartner

Keith Gariepy

Audio Visual Design Consultant, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Shawn Risberg

President, The Integration Factory

Omar Colom

National Director of Education, Evolve Technology

Michael Elias

Director of strategic partnerships, Glass-Media

Sean Moore

CTO, The Lucid Mirage

Dan O'Brasky

Between Jobs, Self

Seth Green

Product Designer, Nova Design

keith neves

Creative Director / Tech Director, Neves Creative Inc

Keith Neves is a design expert with over 25 years of experience in live entertainment, permanent installations, and experiential marketing. His creative explorations span multiple media and industry platforms, with a particular emphasis on the intersection of technology and art. He is a driven creator with a long list of accomplishments; brands worldwide rely on him to bring large-scale projects to life. Keith's notable accomplishments include serving as the lighting designer for the Wu-Tang Clan's live performance at Coachella, acting as technical director and designer for the GoPro Hero launch live streamed from Squaw Valley, serving as technical director for Spotify's Grammy Event in Los Angeles celebrating all ten Best New Artists, and being the designer and technical director for Panasonic Avionics' international tradeshow booth for ten years in a row. He founded Neves Creative Inc. in 2010 and collaborates with award-winning production teams and agencies to create projects that wow audiences and win awards. Some of Keith's past projects include well-known companies like Adobe, Spotify, Slack, Panasonic, Tinder, Google, Disney, Pfizer, Nickelodeon, Webflow, Appian, GoPro, Samsung, Cadillac, Intel, Netflix, Nintendo, Amazon, T-Mobile, AT&T, WB, Jaguar, Meta, and Apple in the US and abroad. Keith, an avid explorer of the technological frontier, is particularly interested in emerging technologies such as AI, AR, XR, and VR. He is constantly investigating these tools as new forms of creative storytelling, looking for case studies, and imagining novel use cases. His enthusiasm for fusing art and technology drives his work, which pushes boundaries and seeks transformative digital experiences that captivate and engage audiences. Keith's extensive portfolio showcases his technical and creative direction expertise for live concerts, trade show exhibits, theater, corporate events, art installations, festivals, virtual production, and experiential brand activations. Keith has a well-deserved reputation for serving not only his clients but their teams, dedicating himself to being a solution-based designer who is always looking for new and innovative tools to bring into play.
Nathan Sample

Operations Manager, Harkness Screens

Vincent Lepore

Director of Training and Professional Services, Audinate

Ekin Binal

Director, Product Management - AV Solutions, Crestron

Lucretia Lee-Arceneaux

Broadcast IT Engineer, iHeartMedia

Jeffrey Lipp

AV Consultant, Lipp AV Design

Kevin Lines

Project Mgr, Southwest Audio Visual Inc.



As a broadcast professional and multiplatform strategist with a passion for writing, I bring a unique perspective to content creation. Throughout my broadcasting career, which began in 2005, I have honed my skills in video production, system integration, and live event management. I have also managed interns and performed field marketing projects while maintaining a self-driven commitment to ongoing learning and growth. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also an avid reader and enjoy exploring new avenues for personal and professional development. My work in the digital media and web development sector has given me a fresh perspective on the power of content to connect with audiences and create meaningful change. As a multifaceted individual, I take pride in excelling in various pursuits. From international competitions and sports events to writing and volunteering, I always seek new ways to challenge myself and positively impact the world. If you're looking for a collaborator who can help you bring your ideas to life and deliver results on time, I'm here to help. Let's connect and explore how to work together to achieve your goals.
Felipe Farias

Project engineer , Sibit

Theresa Reyes

Advertising and Operations Manager , Signage Media Plus Inc

Amitkumar Parmar

AV System Design Engineer, SPOR AV

Joel Hagen

Sr. Content Specialist, Legrand | AV

I have spent years writing for a variety of media in a continually changing landscape. I grew from journalism roots into writing award-winning, engaging alumni newsletters for higher education on a variety of topics to convey complicated information to general audiences. The skills gained there meshed with a master’s degree in creative writing and transferred into content marketing in the AV manufacturing field. I advise, support and execute the creation of engaging, strategic messaging that strengthens connections and meets organizational goals to increase public visibility.