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May 25, 2022
Replying to Doyle Martin

I find it interesting that when I read the articles about the future of XR and AR there is very little or no discussion on how it will impact live events in the very near future.  Having XR/AR designers working with the creative director for a live event we will see AR  rendered scenery, "more information" prompts, and fully immersive environments - all in addition to the traditional AV, lighting, and scenic on these types of shows.  I know, the wider world of pro-AV tends to forget its brothers and sisters in the live events space or simply don't feel qualified to write about our part of the industry.  But hey, throw us a bone now and again!  

That's a great point Doyle.  Actually what interests me the most, is that convergence of Live and Pre Produced content methodologies and workflows.  Technologies behind XR Processing and Display are a fun new toolbox that we can start to explore and reassess Event and Communication strategies with.