Jamie Horner (He/Him)

VP Product Development & Marketing, HiCLIFF
Helmi Kabbi

SOUND ENGINEER, Al Jazeera Media Network

Jason Gago

Manager of Project Engineering, Verrex LLC

Bob McKittrick

Outreach Lead, Liberty AV Solutions

Ace Johnson

Executive Producer, Digital Xperience Group

Mark Metzger

Digital Video Manager, AVIXA

Jodi Hughes

Director, Content Delivery, AVIXA

Sheyla Ynope

Marketing manager, LED DREAM

Rebecca Hicks

DSP Programmer, The Farm AV

Sivakumar M

Engineering Manager, L&T Construction

Aravind Mohan

CEO, Four Plus Systems

Jiří Plátek

marketing manager, AV MEDIA SYSTEMS

Life is miserable without work. But when work is soulless, life suffocates and dies. If all businesses are to be real businesses, then perhaps all offices should be studios. If fostering creativity is the goal for business, then the work environment should offer a more collaborative atmosphere. The creative economy needs independent thinkers who have the freedom and ability to think creatively.
Gerhard Pichler

CEO, Pichler Medientechnik eU

Dmitry Myasnikov

CEO, multimedia.guide

Ernie Beck

Associate Principal, NV5

Merijn de schryver

AV Consultant, VUB

Mike Brandes

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Q-SYS

I'm currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Q-SYS, engaging with all of our customers and channel partners to help identify and build better solutions. Previously I was the Q-SYS Video product manager, and before that Q-SYS Control product manager as well.
Gabriel Lopez

ICT Commissioning AV & LV, AVI INC

Mitzi Sterchele

marketing & brand manager, Clear-Com

Jared Stabiner

Senior Strategy Consultant, NEXT/NOW

Currently cutting chops at an award winning, mind-bending and boundary pushing studio, NEXT/NOW™. We are a process-driven innovation agency specializing in experience design, blending art and science to bring all sorts digital interactive/immersive experiences to life - driven by next-generation technology - in physical space, places and online.
Adam Myers

Business Development and Marketing Manager, Office Interiors Inc.