Dina Menon

Group Marketing Communications Manager & PA to CEO, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd
Larry Mikell

New Business Development, HLM Venture HealthCare, LLC Principal Director

ahmed alsak

Audio technician, https://www.bibalex.org/en/def

Martin Wolf

Product Marketing Manager, Biamp

sharad pal

assistant manager, online


Especialista Servicios Microsoft Cloud, PROVISIONES TECNOLOGICAS

Sophia Calandra

Channel Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager , Bose Professional

Rodrigo Avila

IT Info Systems Specialist, Imperial Irrigation District

Padmini Nikam

Network Engineer, Pro-Digital

Pallavi P

SSE, Diversified India

Mahendrakumar Jikadara

AV Programmer / Project Engg, Alpha Data LLC

Zuri Chavers

Aministrative Founder, AllTrueVision Studios LLC.

Meghan Athavale

CEO, LUMO Interactive

Carlos Escobar

Marketing Manager, Inland Audio Visual

María Eugenia Friedlmeier

Market Developer , Molver Technology SA

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to be a part of this community! As a market developer and a marketing professional with focus in the AV industry, I'm always searching for new solutions that works into the technological ecosistem. I'm proud to say that I'm part of Molver Technology, end-user services integration company. I would love to hear more from everyone at Avixa Xchange. Let's get in touch! :) 

avigail berg

CEO, TheSoundWell

Keila Del Valle

Creative Services Manager, MDM Commercial

Shannon R Corson

A/v tech,lighting electrician, I&D, IATSE

Aaron Garcia

Account Manager, iDISC



Manoj Kumar

Business Head, AV Media Networks