Daniel Shatzkes

CEO, Harmony Studios Inc.

About Daniel Shatzkes

Danny is a family man first. A husband and father to 5 (yes, five) children. A life-long Brooklyn-ite, Danny is a multi-instrumentalist and avowed entrepreneur. Danny has 2 decades of experience in music & Pro Audio, AV, studio and live production, and acoustic design & implementation. He received his Masters in Music Technology from NYU, having completed the Tonmeister Sequence as well as a concetration in acoustics studies. As CEO of Harmony Studios and co-founder of Integrated Acoustics, Danny has worked on hundreds of projects that span all facets of audio, music and AV. And as founder and CEO of Gig Gear LLC, Danny has a deep knowledge of the manufacturing process and importing for the production and AV industries. 


Consulting Executive Office/Owner Installation Project Management



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