Isaac Aviña

Technical Manager, Extron Electronics

Joe Fong

Chief Operating Officer, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd

Dwaipayan Biswas

Skill Development and Training Instructor, Dynamix Media

Braulio Arellano

Commercial Manager / NOVASTAR Certified NCE, SISTASA

Agustin García Basalo

Sales Engineer, NEWTECH

Paul Mueller

Manager of Central ENgineering, AVI Systems

Juliana Nathaly Sanabria Pérez


Alejandro Gabriel Arreola Sanchez

Tech support , G4 audio y video interactivos

Juan Carlos Reyes Cibrian

Project Manager, G4 Audio y Video

Daniel Torres

Sound engineer , Videocorp Latam

José Luis Menéndez Mendiola

Senior Desing Engineer, G4 Audio y Video

Zachary Gamez

Facilities Project Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Pedro Quevedo

Project Manager , Sistasa

Salvador Gonzalez M

Gerente de Proyectos, Viewhaus

Mario Gonzalez

Director, New Rules Comunicación y RP

Mario is a PR and marketing communications professional with over 20 years of experience collaborating with tech companies in the B2B and CE industries. Since 2019 he and his agency have teamed up with AVIXA to do public relations and create content for the public in Latin America and Spain.

John Jairo Espitia Jiménez

Ingeniero preventa, Merge SAS

Jose Martin Gonzales Ballesteros

Country Manager, ICAP Global Perú

Eduard Gonzalez

Product Manager , EXPEX

Jamie Richardson

Vice President Client Engagement, Bespoke Audio Visual