Advice for people looking to start in the A/V field in the mid 30s

Subin Varghese on May 03, 2023 • 1 answer
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Hi, I am looking for an entry level job in the field of A/V technology. I do not have a CTS certification yet. I am looking for a place to start. Any advice?


Hi Subin, Thanks for reaching out to the community! We had a similar question posed in our Xchange Community Chat Room that you may find helpful We might suggest "Following"/connecting with the members who joined in the conversation and "Watch" the Room to be alerted to new activity.
The Jobs Rooms is also a great place to start. Be sure to select "Conversations" from the room's menu - many job listings are posted there.
There is a CTS Study Group that you are welcome to Join. Feel free to introduce yourself in any of these spaces.
Will you be attending InfoComm? Be sure to sign up for the AVIXA Career Empowerment Event!
Thanks for being part of the community - you've got lots of folks here who can help you in your journey.

Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA on May 03, 2023
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