Your Xchange FAQ

Your Xchange FAQ

Welcome to THE place for the AV industry to connect – all year long. Now that you’re here, you can jump in and get started. Here’s a guide for some of the Xchange lingo you’re seeing.  

What is a channel? 
Just like ESPN has all your sports info, the Xchange channels tie together AV content – posts, articles, and videos – under a specific topic. Hit “Watch” and you will be notified when new content is added. Explore these channels: Content Production and Streaming, Conferencing and Collaboration, Digital Signage, Learning Solutions, and Live Events/Performance Entertainment.  

What’s in the directory?  
The AV Provider Directory is one of the best parts about the Xchange.  

If you are hiring an AV provider, say goodbye to the hours of website research. The Xchange allows you to find the companies who can solve your problems and zero in on the ones near you. Browse their company profile for sample work and connect directly with your top choices right in the same place.  
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What’s a profile? 
No surprises here. Link your other social media profiles. Add your photo and a summary of your professional experience. Others in the network can follow you and you can follow them.  

What kind of matchmaking is happening in the Xchange?  
Based on your interests, you’ll see suggested experts or companies to follow. It all comes together with an algorithm on the backend.  

If your company has a profile, you’ll see something similar – smart suggestions on who to connect with. 

What is a room?  
Think of rooms as group conversations. You can pop in to see what people are talking about and join in if it interests you. Some rooms are based around topics, like Cybersecurity, and others bring together communities, like people preparing for the CTS exam or people planning to attend a trade show.  

You could also be invited to a private room to share ideas with a specific group.  

What’s the digest newsletter? 
Digests are customized for you. They pull from the channels you watch and your rooms so that you can see the new content and conversations there. Choose to get the digest daily, weekly or monthly.  

What are conversations? 
Under your profile picture, you’ll see an option for “Conversations.” This is your DM. Reach out to people privately and directly with this feature. You can include up to five people in conversations. 

What’s the Q&A section?  
The Q&A section is a great place to post about challenges you are facing with projects. Ask your peers how they have solved similar challenges and connect to people who can help you.  

Hope you've found the answer to your questions but, if you didn't, pop it in the Q&A!

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