[YamahaAudioversity] DM7 Series Feature Vlogs

Yamaha DM7 Series, Digital Mixing Console's Feature Vlogs: Learn How To GO ABOVE AND BEYOND!
[YamahaAudioversity] DM7 Series Feature Vlogs

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[Yamaha Audioversity] DM7 Series Feature Vlogs

GO ABOVE AND BEYOND...Yamaha DM7 series is an adaptable new range of digital mixers and accessories launched by Yamaha in June 2023, featuring a high channel count in a compact package, while keeping a consistently high quality natural sound with many character colouring DSP options inside.

Watch the DM7 overview and feature introduction video, presented by Andy Cooper from Yamaha team!

DM7 Series Feature Vlog: Series Overview

As the times continue to change, your DM7 will keep you ahead of the curve with a user experience that’s a cut above anything in its class, and sonic performance well beyond the expectations of audiences and engineers alike. 
Watch this overview now!

DM7 Series Feature Vlog: New & Key Features

Starting with the sound quality and character, discover what’s new and innovative about DM7 series, the versatile new range of digital mixers from Yamaha. Take a tour of the channel strip, the Plug-in Rack, the Dante networking facilities, various customisation options, and discover how the Assist function and Split mode can transform daily workflows.

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