Why Pay Equity Matters in ProAV

On Dec. 15, AVIXA will host a LAVNCH & LEARN where a panel of AV professionals discuss the wage gap and how it impacts business.
Why Pay Equity Matters in ProAV

Pay equity is the concept of providing equal pay to employees with similar job functions, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity or other status. Seems like a no-brainer, but recent AVIXA research has indicated there is a large wage gap in ProAV — one in terms of race and the other in terms of sex.

On December 15 at 1 p.m. EST, AVIXA’s Joé Lloyd and Peter Hansen will join Dr. Shelby HillAlexis La Broi and Hope Roth to discuss this important topic. The LAVNCH & LEARN, moderated by Megan A. Dutta, will go beyond the wage gap and will help your company discover new opportunities to not only hire but retain the workforce you need to grow into the future.

“THIS is the opportunity alert for anyone in in workforce development for ProAV,” said AVIXA’s Lloyd. “I am proud to be working with Megan and the staff at LAVNCH to bring this conversation to the forefront with an amazing list of panelists. This conversation will take into account the intentional consideration of the challenges people of color and women face in our industry and is an area of alignment between alleviating the ProAV workforce issues and doing the right thing.”

To learn more or to register for “The Wage Gap and ProAV – It’s More Than Compensation”, visit https://lavnch.com/lavnch-and-learn/wage-gap-2022/register/.

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Go to the profile of Peter Hansen
3 months ago

Excited to take part in this!!

Go to the profile of Joé Lloyd
3 months ago

Thank you Megan for bringing this group together, such an important conversation and I am looking forward to being involved!