When You Think Strategies for 2024, Think Xchange. Here’s Why.

When You Think Strategies for 2024, Think Xchange. Here’s Why.
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Xchange Users perceive Xchange as a key source for consuming AV content, networking, and building brand reach in AV, according to a recent survey. What a great way to share your content with an eager audience, connect with industry pros and AV users, and create brand awareness!

As the online community for the pro AV industry, Xchange creates a place for everyone across the industry and those interested in discovering technology solutions to come together, learn from one another, get inspired, and make business connections. Content shared includes case studies, announcements, technical papers, interviews, how-to blogs, and more and vary in format from written posts to videos and podcasts. The common thread, however, is community and the underlying trust in what is shared and who is sharing it.

An Eager Audience

Our robust community has quickly grown to 18,000+ members, each subscribing to multiple channels and rooms that pique their interests. Content shared to these targeted micro communities is seen not only by members and non-members visiting Xchange, but also by each channel or room subscriber (follower) via their emailed Digest. Knowing that our users value and seek the community’s content, why not share your expertise or that of your company?

Community Connections

Networking is the largest factor driving users to visit and return to the community. Xchange opens an easy path to find and directly connect with AV/IT professionals across the community and around the globe. People can be found through the Member Directory or, more commonly, by viewing content and electing to click on the author’s name. Profile visits are high, so be sure to present a complete profile that includes a brief bio. This holds true for your company’s provider profile as well. Remember, all content, including your “About” section, is searchable! Once you’ve discovered individuals and companies you’d like to connect with, simply “Follow” them to be alerted to newly shared content, or “Start a Conversation” to directly connect.

Heightened Awareness

Marketers have discovered the targeted reach afforded by Xchange. Its audience visits for the purpose of learning, of gaining inspiration, of discovering the leading-edge technologies that will give them the advantage over their competition. Rather than scrolling through endless feeds on social media or perusing countless websites, people are choosing to come to Xchange. What a great opportunity to introduce them to your brand and be seen as a thought leader and valuable, contributing member of the community?

Shifting Strategies

Looking ahead to ’24 and your personal goals, can Xchange help you broaden your network and build your personal brand? Can you imagine connecting users in highly targeted channels and rooms with your company brand as a successful marketing strategy? These tactics may be a shift in habit, in resource allocation, in your overall strategy, but, based on the survey results, it seems a new trajectory – one of trust, innovation, community.  

I look forward to experiencing Xchange’s continued growth and what role it plays in our members’ growth throughout 2024. Thanks for being a part and, as always, please reach out if I can be of any help crafting your strategies!

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Go to the profile of Md sadek Hossain
3 months ago

Change is human nature, so the main thing is to change technology

As an AV expert, I highly value Xchange as a vital online community for the pro AV industry. It offers a powerful platform for sharing expertise, networking, and increasing brand visibility.
AVIXA Xchange provides an ideal opportunity to connect with industry professionals and establish thought leadership.!! 

@Alexis Bou Farhat, CTS-D, CTS-I , thanks for your active adoption of Xchange and for sharing your experience with the community. We sought to create a valuable place for those surrounding the industry. I'm excited to learn how users are embracing and leveraging it. 

Go to the profile of Molver Technology S.A.
3 months ago

AVIXA Xchange helps us stay in touch within the AV industry. But we at Molver are also inviting our clients to join, since we believe that the community provides excellent learning to anyone who is going to incorporate technology into their spaces. Simply, AVIXA Xchange is quality exchange that can benefit us all.

@Molver Technology S.A. , that's exciting to hear! What a great way to help inspire and educate your end users. I imagine their experiences drive some great conversations! Thank you for sharing your strategy with us and thank you for your insightful posts that contribute to Xchange's value for the "benefit of all".