What is ASKA3D's Holographic Display?

Introduction of ASKA3D plate and Holographic Display
What is ASKA3D's Holographic Display?

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What is Holographic Display?
The cutting edge technology that can display an image in mid-air.
The floating image can be interactive with the use of infrared sensor.

How Does it work?

 For our holographic display, we use ASKA3D-Plate. It is an optical imaging device developed by Asukanet that can display images of objects in mid-air. Combined with a sensor, it is possible to manipulate holographic images.

 This technology sends light emitted by an image or object through a special glass plate, and collects that light on the other side of the plate at the same distance to create an image or object identical to the original.

 The distance between the original and the plate is identical to the distance between the plate and the projected image. However, the size of the projected image and the distance at which an image can be projected depend on the size of the plate.

What is required for the system?

Here is what you need for holographic display as below: 

Reference Video

 Find out more on our Youtube account. We introduce lots of applications here.

ASKA3D Youtube

Online Meeting / Demostration Request

 We have international sales experts ready for sharing more details and giving you product demostrations on your site. Please feel free to contact us for a meeting appointment.
Shoudl you have any further questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.


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