We Need Your Perspective

Participate in AVIXA’s monthly surveys and discussions.
We Need Your Perspective

Are you knowledgeable about the AV industry? Want to share your two cents? AVIXA is looking for AV professionals to join our Insights Community, a research group of industry professionals who share their insights and create actionable information. Members of the community are asked to participate in a variety of research efforts, including a short, two-to-three-minute monthly Index survey that gauges business sentiment and trends in the AV industry. 

AVIXA’s market intelligence team closely reviews all Insights Community data, and we thank respondents through points that can be exchanged for gift cards to places like Amazon, Apple, and various restaurants. Since you’re already on the Xchange, you’re probably just the kind of person we want to hear from! Simply click here and log in with your AVIXA login to start participating!

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