Updated infrastructure guide for AV/IT managers in Higher Ed

Wanted to share this with my friends at HETMA for the conference today, but expect others will find it useful. Thanks to Tech Mgr's council for the rewrite and update!

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Lots of focus on KISS principle @ HETMA22 Conference, and this seemed an appropriate share - all about processes, standardization, etc. Hope it's helpful!


Summary: The in-depth report, AV/IT Infrastructure Guidelines for Higher Education, draws on the collective knowledge of audiovisual (AV) professionals working in higher education settings, as well as AVIXA’s AV design courses and standards. The purpose of this document is to address the architectural and infrastructural considerations that go into designing and implementing AV/IT technologies in higher education learning spaces, while preserving the pedagogical and functional needs of such spaces — both virtual and physical — throughout the project cycle.

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