Two Reasons Why Professional Surveillance Cameras Are Still Better Than “Smart” Home Models

Two Reasons Why Professional Surveillance Cameras Are Still Better Than “Smart” Home Models

The vast array of surveillance camera systems available and the confusing technical jargon that comes with them can overwhelm buyers. In any large retail store, you can find a wide variety of brands all selling the same camera. And security companies that install and service professional-grade models are no different. Every brand claims to offer the newest and cutting-edge technology and sorting through the claims can be confusing not only for the consumer but also for the IT professional.

There are literally dozens of reasons why an IT professional should choose serious security hardware and software over the new wave of consumer models designed for the budget-conscience homeowner, including lighting conditions, night vision, and resolution. But for the sake of brevity, we're pinpointing our top 2.


An integrated system consists of "smart" devices that can communicate with one another over a network. Just like "connected home" devices, commercial camera systems can communicate with other smart devices and products that can control lighting, audio/video, door locks, alarm systems, etc. But usually more reliably and securely. System components that previously had little to do with each other can now work together to create a more robust and secure system.

Video Storage

Another innovation that transforms the way video is accessed and stored is the Internet. Video storage in the cloud is a relatively new trend, and what makes it so useful is now all video from your cameras can be uploaded and then accessed remotely. Security video users are increasingly opting for cloud backup in addition to on-site recorders or eliminating local recording completely. One of the many benefits of professional surveillance cloud storage not available in consumer applications is 'deep learning.' By utilizing Deep Learning, someone can find the exact piece of footage they're looking for without having to search through hours of useless video footage.

Because networking is having such a dramatic effect on how security video is being stored and shared, the trend of cloud storage will soon eclipse local storage if it hasn't already.

If your goal is to secure the property and inventory of your organization, "commercial-grade" models are the best route. On the ceiling of consumer electronics stores and warehouse chains, you will find a white dome camera that is much larger than the average consumer camera. There is a good reason why these companies do not use the types of cameras they are selling to the public.

By Joey Davis, Managing Editor


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