Transforming Surgery: Apple's Vision Pro in Action

Apple's Vision Pro successfully helps nurse assist in spinal surgery
Transforming Surgery: Apple's Vision Pro in Action

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In a remarkable use of technology, a surgical team in the UK recently employed Apple's Vision Pro during a medical procedure. Instead of the surgeon, it was Suvi Verho, the lead scrub nurse at Cromwell Hospital, who wore the headset. This device, along with an app from eXeX, displayed essential information right in her line of sight, helping her support the surgeon during spinal surgery.

Verho praised the Vision Pro for reducing errors and streamlining the operation process. Surgeon Syed Aftab also commended its role in making Verho, a novice in their team, perform like an experienced assistant.

eXeX specializes in mixed reality tech for hospitals, with their app ExperienceX being a standout. It provides hands-free guidance for surgical teams, as showcased by Dr. Robert Masson's successful use in a recent spinal procedure.

Apple's Vision Pro, with its visionOS, is leading a revolution in medical apps. From aiding joint replacement surgeries with Stryker's myMako to educating medical students through Siemens Healthineers' Cinematic Reality, these apps are reshaping healthcare.

These advancements, while aimed at medical professionals, promise a future where technology enhances patient care and medical outcomes. With Apple's Vision Pro at the forefront, the future of surgery looks brighter than ever.

Credit: eXeX

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