Touchless POS system

Touchless POS system

About a year ago @Iulia Popescu wrote this article on the emergence of touchless technology as the need to find tech solutions was accelerated by the pandemic.

Today we read about the latest developments in Japan with a touchless aerial cash register. Interesting. As AV Magazine put it, Sci-fi could soon be Sci-Fact.

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about 1 month ago

So interesting to think we may all soon experience buttons that can be pressed just by hovering your finger. Last year at #Infocomm, I remember testing out a breakthrough model of a midi controller that worked in the same way by simply hovering your finger! I'm curious to see how in the future the use of haptic technology may offer people the same kind of tactile experience they get by touching a screen. Thanks for sharing! @Carla Charlton 

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25 days ago

An unprecedented example