There’s Only One You! – Tip #33

Is it possible you have more than one Xchange profile?
There’s Only One You! – Tip #33

Is it possible you may have inadvertently created a second profile on Xchange? Xchange uses your AVIXA SSO credentials to log in and, if you’ve changed jobs or forgotten which email address you originally used, you may have accidentally created a second profile. Just reach out and we can help!

First, if you need to update your employer or email, our Global Member Services team can assist. Here are some additional details on that:  Updating Your Email – Tip #30

Xchange is about making connections and having a completed profile is key to ensuring you pop up in member searches...and you’ll want to be sure those members are discovering and connecting with your current profile!  

So, take a moment to visit the Xchange Member Directory and type your name in the “people search”. If you happen to have more than one profile on Xchange, evaluate each. Which is more complete, has more followers and which have you used to create posts?

Decide which you’d like to continue with and let me know which you’d like to have removed. Please be clear in identifying the duplicate to be removed by including links and/or the outdated email address associated with it. Email your request to me at

Thanks for helping make Xchange a great experience!

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