The Visual Supply Chain and the Role of Digital Signage

The supply chain doesn’t just impact project timelines; there’s a huge opportunity for AV/IT to impact productivity and safety results as well with digital signage.
The Visual Supply Chain and the Role of Digital Signage

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Supply chain and manufacturing outcomes have increasingly become top of mind for AV and IT professionals whether it’s chip shortages, gas prices, or other macroeconomic issues impacting project timelines and results. However, supporting organizations with technology that can improve results is rarely part of the discussion. Digital Signage and Omni-Channel Communications solutions help support customers, drive frontline productivity, improve safety outcomes, and support employee engagement.

AV/IT professionals are well-acquainted with the challenges of an effective supply chain, spanning from procuring essential hardware in the warehouse to delivering materials to job sites. They understand that success hinges on communication and access to real-time information. However, this can be challenging in the face of intricate systems and constantly mobile team members. To address these issues, real-time visualization of intricate manufacturing data from a variety of sources (including MES, WMS, PowerBI, and Tableau) can be easily achieved with Korbyt Anywhere Digital Signage. This integration capability has the potential to significantly enhance productivity and drive top-line revenue for AV professionals.

$1 invested in safety communications leading to $6 in savings, but the discussion about digitalization and modernizing how safety information reaches the frontline with Digital Signage is often overlooked. Digital signage is a powerful tool for delivering safety messages with visual impact. Eye-catching graphics and videos capture employees’ attention, ensuring that critical safety information doesn’t go unnoticed. Additionally, digital displays enable real-time updates, allowing organizations to broadcast urgent safety alerts and notifications when they’re needed. Another opportunity for AV to drive business outcomes and in this case bottom-line costs.

Since the beginning of COVID, frontline essential workers have been in the news. Recognizing the importance of their well-being goes beyond safeguarding their health and security; it also plays a pivotal role in bolstering overall business productivity and success. Ensuring these workers feel engaged should be top of mind to reduce attrition and improve productivity. The majority of frontline workers don’t have company computers or sometimes even company email addresses to get information. This is where Digital Signage comes to the rescue by building on the Productivity content with Safety messaging and finally employee communications information.

Supply chain issues impact AV and IT professionals every day but we don’t often talk about how we can leverage our solutions for improved business outcomes. Digital Signage can play a pivotal role increasing revenue with real-time data, reducing cost by disseminating safety information, and fostering a positive employee sentiment.

Reach out to Korbyt to discover more about how AV Professionals can provide valuable support to their customers with Digital Signage solutions tailored for manufacturing and supply chains.

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