The Apprentice Program_IC24

Visit AVIXA booth at IC24 and talk to your colleagues from AVIXA Foundation about our industry apprentice framework, we’d love to hear your feedback.
The Apprentice Program_IC24

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Let's face it, our industry hasn't yet cracked the code on education for training the workforce.

Part of the issue stems from the absence of dedicated educational centers focusing on relevant AV content. While there are notable examples globally, like Pace University in NY and Middlesbrough College in England, the availability remains limited. Additionally, AVIXA has been proactive in disseminating online content to its members.

In reality, it's the companies in the market that are the primary drivers of workforce development. However, they often struggle to carve out time within their busy schedules, leading to a somewhat disorganized training process.

With this in mind, AVIXA Foundation, with its staff and Board of Directors, has been developing a structured training model for apprentices within AV companies. The aim of this framework is to showcase industry best practices, making internal processes clearer and more effective, thereby enhancing employee training.

To develop this framework, we've engaged with companies of varying sizes and from different regions worldwide, with the hope that our recommendations can be widely adopted.

In summary, we're striving for a scalable workforce training model, rooted in the practices of market companies, to help them establish an efficient training structure that expedites the integration of apprentices into their workforce.

Interested in learning more? Visit our team at InfoComm and inquire about the apprentice program. We welcome your feedback. 

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