Recommended Reading - Tip #8

Get the most out of all the great content Xchange has to offer by exploring the community’s “Recommended Content”
Recommended Reading - Tip #8

As you’re reading articles and watching some of the great videos posted throughout the community’s Channels and Rooms, take a moment to peruse the list of Recommended Content that appears in the righthand column. These featured posts align with several markers and will likely be of interest to you based on topic, attributes of the author, previous content you’ve explored, and more.

Should the content you’re enjoying be posted by an Xchange Provider, you’ll have the opportunity to access “Content from Similar Experts” by scrolling below the “Experts Like” suggestions (another match-driven feature worth exploring!).

Have you uncovered an unexpected article you’ve found intriguing or helpful? Grab the url and share it with the community!

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2 months ago

All good!!!