Planning the Best Experience for Virtual Guests at Weddings

Video conferencing can help bring people together during weddings despite distances. Here's 5 ways you can make the experience extra special for any virtual attendees.
Planning the Best Experience for Virtual Guests at Weddings

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People usually dream about their special day as one where they’re surrounded by friends and family, exchanging heartfelt vows and making their marriage official. But for those whose family members and friends are scattered or live across oceans, it may be overwhelming trying to gather everybody together. So, many folks have gotten creative – opting to include many of their loved ones through video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

When planning a wedding with some virtual guests, there are a few aspects to keep in mind, like different time zones. Make sure your event will start at a time that’s convenient for everyone. You should also pick out the video-conferencing website beforehand and do a test run. You don’t want to worry about technical problems (on top of everything else on your wedding day!) so make sure you know how to set things up.

It might even be a good idea to have a friend or family member in charge of handling the virtual side of your event. This takes it off your plate and ensures a smoother process for both you and your guests – both in-person and virtual. Afterall, you don’t want to hold up the ceremony for any technical issues.

Then, to make the experience extra special for any virtual guests, here are 5 things you can include:

  1. Pre-Wedding Goodies

Start by sending a pre-wedding basket of goodies to immediately put guests in the mood for a celebration. Some ideas for this care package are decor items, snacks, champagne, or something completely unique. You can even create a custom Zoom background for everyone to use.

  1. Virtual Games

Pick out games that can be easily played in a virtual hangout. Some suggestions include: Who Knows the Couple Best?, Two Truths and a Lie, or an online party game service like JackBox.

  1. Virtual Reception Lounge

Your virtual guests should also have the best seat in the house at your reception. Aside from making sure they can see properly, you can even include a large screen showing the virtual hangout (a professional can help set up the audio-visual component). This way, your in-person attendees can stop by and greet your virtual guests throughout the event, making everyone feel even more included.

  1. Montages

As guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin or during any other break in the action, it is a sweet idea to show a slideshow or video featuring various photos of the couple. A friend or family member can even be tasked with making the montage.

  1. Virtual Toasts

If some of your nearest and dearest are attending your wedding virtually, they can (and should!) still be asked to give a toast or share a reading. If you opt for a virtual presenter, make sure they will be clearly seen and heard by your in-person guests as well as the other folks who are attending virtually. It’s important to make sure your guests who are not physically present still feel just as included as everyone else.

For couples with family and friends who live far away or have difficulty traveling, weddings with a virtual element allow these guests to connect and celebrate with loved ones. Embracing the convenience of technology allows couples to share their special day with loved ones, no matter the distance. By including pre-wedding goodies, virtual games, montages, and more, you can enhance the experiences of your online guests. Most importantly, make an effort to say hello to your virtual guests throughout the day and thank them directly for celebrating with you. These moments will mean so much to your loved ones attending virtually on your special day.

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