Nike Camp Victory | Experiential Audio Case Study

A decade later, Nike's "Camp Victory" is still a powerful representation of an immersive, interactive experience
Nike Camp Victory | Experiential Audio Case Study

Sometimes you have to feel it to believe it. I remember attending my first NASCAR race. It was great to be in the stands and feed off the excitement of the fans, but nothing compared to clinging onto the chain-link fence at turn 4 as the cars came screaming past. Only then could you fully appreciate the power, the speed, the intensity. Somehow I sense that is what Antfood, a creative audio studio in New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo, and their partners were able to convey through Camp Victory's interactive running experience - true immersion of the senses that connected spectators and athletes with the race...and with the brand. 

Let's celebrate a #TBT project that still impresses! This video case study showcases a large-scale immersive, interactive running experience for Nike at the 2012 Olympic Trials held in Oregon. Can you feel it?

Digital Agency: Hush
Music & Sound Design: Antfood
Game Development: Red Paper Heart
Architecture: Skylab

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2 months ago

Love this concept!