#ISE2022 Create. Connect. Elevate. Yamaha Immersive Solutions

Space is as much a part of the sonic experience as sound itself. You can create any acoustic environment you can imagine and control sound with the Yamaha's latest AFC Immersive Solution.
#ISE2022 Create. Connect. Elevate. Yamaha Immersive Solutions

Since 1969, Yamaha has been involved in acoustic research aimed at finding the ideal relationship between performer, audience and space. With the latest Active Field Control (AFC) Enhance and AFC Image immersive audio systems, Yamaha has collaborating with NEXO and Steinberg to combine both acoustic enhancement and object-based sound localization, with control of ambience, acoustic image placement, 3D reverberation and more.

With AFC Enhance creating the perfect acoustic environment and AFC Image delivering stunning immersive content, Yamaha has created a unique solution which takes immersive sound to the next level.

AFC Enhance improves the acoustic environment using microphones and loudspeakers placed throughout the space. It allows detailed control of reverberation and early reflections, allowing the sound propagating throughout the space to be adjusted while retaining a venue’s natural acoustics.
AFC Enhance has been installed in over 150 concert halls, opera houses, theatres, multi-purpose halls and auditoriums throughout the world.

Running with AFC Enhance, AFC Image allows simultaneous live control of the perceived positions of acoustic images within a space, using object-based rendering software. The sound image is played back via the AFC loudspeaker system, providing unique content for theatre, opera, concerts, installations, events and other applications where sound is a key component.

From studio or rehearsal-based content creation to playback in the performance venue, a smooth, efficient workflow allows creatives to concentrate solely on their art. The ability to use multiple, user-specified control devices allows for extremely flexible system design, while providing an extraordinary degree of creative freedom.

Learn more at ISE 2022, on Stand 3B250!
Yamaha Immersive Solution

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