ISE 2023 - A video review of LG Business Solutions

Hard to miss that huge Magnit screen (272 inches thank you) but the food, hospitality, EV-charging and Cloud stuff was pretty interesting to us as well. A total of 13 verticals represented at Barcelona booth
ISE 2023 - A video review of LG Business Solutions

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Click for full size -- 272 inches thank you very much...

LG ISE 2023

Feb 16 update -- Added vimeo of Peerless-AV as well along with food and beverage video detailing Supersign for restaurants, kiosks and drive-thru menus.

Wow! Lots to see from LG at ISE 2023. Here is their main landing page covering all they showed. Most people flocked to the big displays like the "microLED" Magnit but the Hospitality, Food, EV Charging and

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the Cloud (thin clients) caught our eye. We thought 2022 was big but 2023 dwarfs that. LG's Oscar Rozo also serves as co-Chairman of our ADA and Accessibility Committeeand the viewpoint of a consumer and business giant like LG is invaluable. For more information or to contact LG you can email Here are ISE segments and below are some selected videos we've seen.

  First up is the official LG video

Here are some other videos from around the Net that we liked!

More Videos

ISE 2023 Booth Video List and Download Link  - as LG releases the upcoming we will add them in

List Youtube
1 Overview
2 Media Art
3 Virtual Production
4 Education
5 Corporate
6 Telecom
7 Restaurants
8 EV Charging Station Coming soon
9 Hospitality Coming soon
10 Cloud Solution Coming soon
11 ESG Coming soon
12 LG MAGNIT Coming soon
13 Transparent Signage Coming soon

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BONUS ISE 2023 COVERAGE -- Peerless AV

  • Video Wall Processors
  • Mounting Solutions
  • Interactive Carts, including motorized
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Drive thru menu
  • NEW Smart City Kiosks (good to 135mph wind)
  • Curved dvLED
  • Vimeo link

Peerless-AV at ISE 2023 US.mp4 from Peerless-AV EMEA on Vimeo.

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