Introducing iBX440

Video Walls Made Easy
Introducing iBX440


Video WOW for Everyone.

SpinetiX iBX440 is the digital signage player that makes video walls accessible to everyone. Four HDMI outputs, a cutting-edge Intel® Core™ processor, the purpose-built DSOS™ operating system, and user-friendly SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS all work together to enable impressive 4x4K video walls at 60 fps while making setup easy for everyone.



CMS Genius.
Video Wall Magic.

SpinetiX ARYA comes standard with every iBX440 and now features a custom intuitive wizard to guide you through the setup of your video wall. Combined with powerful templates, it helps you easily set up impactful content in various video wall layouts in either vertical or horizontal mode. Now anyone can do it.



Spot-On Features 

  • 4x HDMI Outputs: Enables high-resolution 4x4K video walls at 60 fps
  • Perfect Synchronization: Seamless display across multiple screens enabled by latest-gen Intel® Core™ processor
  • Compact Design: For easy installation and management
  • External Airflow Cooling: Ensures dust protection, extends player lifespan, and eliminates maintenance needs
  • SpinetiX Signature: Combines robust hardware design with dedicated OS and advanced CMS for effortless video wall setup
  • Designed for 24/7 use
  • TAA Compliant: Meets stringent regulatory standards, ensuring compliance and premium quality
  • 3-year warranty included, extendable to 




iBX440 is the winner of the rAVe "Best Digital Signage Media Player" at ISE 2024.



Engineered for Excellence

What sets a SpinetiX player apart?


Robust Hardware

Featuring design dedicated to signage applications, our players are made to deliver content flawlessly 24/7 supporting any signage scenario.


Purpose-Built OS

Powered by DSOS™ – the SpinetiX purpose-built signage award-winning OS, our players offer optimal, continuous performance and enhanced security while minimizing resource use.


Powerful Content Tools

Quickly display impactful content with the award-winning SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS, included with all players. Scale up with our advanced content authoring tool, Elementi.



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