🎤 InfoComm 2024 > Trend Forecast: Conferencing and Collaboration

The Future of Conferencing: AI, Sustainability, and You!
🎤 InfoComm 2024 > Trend Forecast: Conferencing and Collaboration

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Are you interested in the future of conferencing and collaboration?  Then you won't want to miss the "Trend Forecast: Conferencing and Collaboration" panel discussion at Technology Innovation stage (TI10) at InfoComm 2024 on Thursday, June 13th from 1:30 PM to 2:15 PM.

This exciting panel brings together experts to explore how cutting-edge trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainability, and affordability are shaping the conferencing landscape.

Here's what you can expect:

Revolutionizing Communication: Discover how AI-powered tools are transforming the way we connect. From enhanced communication to streamlined processes, learn how AI is creating a more personalized and efficient conferencing experience.

Balancing Progress with Ethics: The panel will delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI, including data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the potential impact on jobs. Join the discussion about navigating these challenges responsibly.

Going Green: Sustainability is a major concern, and the panel will address the environmental impact of conferencing technologies. Explore how to make eco-friendly choices when selecting conferencing solutions and fostering sustainable practices within the industry.

Collaboration for Everyone: The conversation will explore the increasing affordability of conferencing and collaboration tools. This trend has the potential to make communication and collaboration more accessible, fostering innovation and scalability.

Join the discussion!  This panel promises a thought-provoking exploration of the future of conferencing.  Don't miss your chance to learn from the experts and shape the conversation!

For more information, please visit here!

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