How Casa Batlló Leverages AI to Enhance Gaudi's Work

The latest episode of How'd They Do That explores how the iconic Barcelona landmark blends architecture with art and technology.
How Casa Batlló Leverages AI to Enhance Gaudi's Work


With Integrated Systems Europe around the corner, have you thought about some of the great places to visit while out and about in Barcelona? 

Last May at ISE 2022, I was able to experience the city first hand for the first time – and between the awesome architecture, history, food, and hospitality at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, there is plenty to experience in this awesome city. There is one standout, however... Casa Batlló.

In 1904, Antoni Gaudí designed the façade of Casa Batlló, one of Barcelona's iconic landmarks. Many years later, the building stands tall as a canvas for contemporary artists like Refik Anadol, who brought the building to life with digital art. Using tools like AI and AR, the blend of traditional and tech-forward experiences is surely to leave you in awe.

Check out the latest episode of How'd They Do That and learn more about this incredible, must-see tribute to the brilliant mind of Gaudí.

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15 days ago

¡Hola! This is a great video @Narin Nara - thanks so much.    If anyone is keen to find out more or has further questions about this amazing experience, head to Avixa Xchange Live on Friday 3rd Feb, where @Rodrigo Casassus Coke, CTS will be interviewing some of the Casa Batllo team.  Come and join us at 11.30am on Booth 3Q400.

Details of the session below!

Recreating Gaudi’s creative universe with technology: Fireside Chat with…Amilcar Vargas & Maria Bernat, Casa Batlló Set in the heart of Barcelona, Casa Batllo, the award-winning, multisensory museum seamlessly fuses culture and technology for a unique immersive experience. In this interview, the Casa Batllo team discuss how they went about amplifying the magic of the legacy that Antoni Gaudí left and the challenges of integrating technologies in a World Heritage Site.
Go to the profile of Narin Nara
14 days ago

Thank you @Jaisica Lapsiwala, hope all is well! Based on what I learned about Casa Batlló from working on this video, this looks like a must-attend session!