Happy Holidays! Musical Edition

Some Christmas music I recorded for our AV community here, inspired by the global nature of our industry
Happy Holidays! Musical Edition

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Today, I was talking with a colleague about an idea that struck me early this morning. I've mentioned before that I love to arrange and record Christmas music and share with friends, family, and colleagues. Today, I was thinking about the global nature of our company and industry, and thought I'd try my hand at some songs in a few choice languages (Portuguese, German, and Spanish), sharing a bit of my culture and tradition with the rest of you all.

Portuguese: "Pinheirinho"

German: "Stille Nacht"

Spanish: "Feliz Navidad"

I hope I didn't butcher the pronunciations too badly... learning the lyrics and then singing them in two hours does not exactly make one fluent!

For more awesome tunes, check out these guys. I hear they play for events. :)

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