Green AV

People from the AV Industry are still talking about it; The webinar “Green use of AV” which took place in February.
Green AV

BARCO always has an extra focus on sustainability. In the latest edition of the Barco Company Magazine, it's all about sustainability. For example, a nice reference to our webinar "The Green Use of AV"!

Our Digital Hub "AVIXA XCHANGE" also gets its attention. 

Please go to to read quotes from The European Commission Brussels, TU-Delft from the Netherlands and AVIXA.

 I'm glad I have the opportunity to share this with you!

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Go to the profile of Lode de Raedt
6 months ago

Hope we can do a second round table about greening. It would allow us to see what has changed over the last 6 months and the impact of the chip shortage and delivery problems.

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS
5 months ago

@John Van Hoop , thanks for sharing @Barco 's Bright Insights! They are truly leaders in the industry's sustainability's efforts! Tagging a few folks in here to highlight @Lode de Raedt 's interest in hosting a second round table on greening.... @David Silberstein @Thomas Serbruyns @Jan Daem @Megan Kuhman 

Go to the profile of John Van Hoop
5 months ago

@Lode de Raedt That is great idea, following up on the "Green use of AV" roundtable. I would be happy to host it. Let's say 'To be continues'. Thanks Lode.

Go to the profile of Jan Daem
4 months ago

Happy to join!