Germany's favorite McD

The acceptance of fast food places is heavily relying on the atmosphere of the restaurant. Digital signage can help there a lot.
Germany's favorite McD

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Close to Irschenberg exit of the German Autobahn A8 between Munich and Salzburg / Innsbruck (Austria), there is a service station area comprising gas stations, charging columns, restaurants and a McDonalds, the latter famous for it's viewing terrace and for being one of most profitable McD franchises in  Germany. 

AVIXA and @Integrated Systems Europe 's DSS-partner invidis just released a video featuring the digital signage elements that make this restaurant a better place to rest for travellers stopping there on their journey from and to favorite holiday destinations like the skiing resorts in Austria or Italy's mediterran coast.  

What are your thoughts on this place? How much does this flagship branch influences your view of the franchise? 


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