Finding Your Way With Digital Signage

Have you ever been lost in a large building or complex? You know where you need to go, but you’re not sure how to get there. Enter digital wayfinding signage. Never be lost again with digital maps, directories, navigation, and much more.
Finding Your Way With Digital Signage

You've been in a building before and couldn't figure out where to go next. You're standing in the lobby and you have no clue how to get where you need to be — so you just stand there, hoping for a sign. Enter digital signage. It can be used to help guide visitors around the building or tell them about upcoming events using, often interactive, screens with maps, directories, navigation, and much more. Digital signage is an important part of the architecture, interior design, and user experience of any building.

Wayfinding signage can be used in any setting where people are looking for a way to get from point A to point B. This includes airports and transportation hubs, hospitals and medical facilities, universities and schools, office buildings and retail centers. The most important thing about any wayfinding system is that it guides people toward their destination with clear instructions and visuals that help them navigate their way through unfamiliar territory — whether they're new or familiar with the space — without getting lost along the way. These systems benefit greatly from the use of images, when combined with a language setting, can be useful for anybody, regardless of which language they speak.

Wayfinding sign in a mall

Digital wayfinding signage can help with customer experience at busy locations such as airports and shopping centers by guiding visitors through busy areas and directing them towards key amenities such as toilets, food courts, duty free shopping, emergency centers, and special event locations.

A lost college student with a map

Wayfinding signage is also perfectly suited for digital signage in schools and hospitals. These expansive spaces can be difficult to navigate. It’s common for both schools and hospitals to have multiple buildings with various departments housed inside them. In addition to providing directions from one building to another, wayfinding solutions like digital signage can also help visitors find specific rooms within these buildings without having to ask someone for help every time they need to find somewhere specific.

A digital wayfinding device outside

Digital signage wayfinding is popping up all over the place. Next time you’re in a potentially confusing location, or even designing one, consider digital signage to help find the way. Be it to the restroom or to the rest of the building, digital signage will help you get there.

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Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu
4 months ago

@Josh Riley It's so great that digital wayfinding is popping up everywhere.

I know I'm always lost at airports and need help finding my way, but there's always lines of people waiting to ask employees a question and with time ticking to reach that flight, digital signage is the perfect solution.

Many universities tend to be huge too, with super spread-out campuses, where making one wrong turn can lead you far, far away from your destination. Digital signage can help students reach their classes quicker, lessening the anxiety of not finding your class those first few days.

Go to the profile of Josh Riley
4 months ago

Yes! Completely agreed. Such a time and stress saver which is super important and helpful when you can't find where you need to go.