ESCO/COLCOM QnA Episode 13

In the latest episode of ESCO QnA, episode 13, host Aashmitha Hira invited Shehbaz Ansari (CTS) and Nikhil Hegde CTS as guests to talk about their Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) journey.
ESCO/COLCOM QnA Episode 13

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The episode focused on the AVIXA CTS certification and its importance in the Audio-Visual industry. The guests started off by sharing their personal experiences with the CTS certification and how it helped them in their careers. They also discussed the different aspects of the certification, including the exam format, the prerequisites, and the benefits of being a CTS holder.

The episode provided a comprehensive overview of the CTS certification and its relevance in the Audio Visual industry. It was a valuable resource for anyone considering pursuing a CTS certification or looking to learn more about the AV industry.
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