DooH that Defies Geography - Lake Constance Infotainment

First conceived in 2019, the goal of the Lake Constance Infotainment network was to inspire visitors of the region to discover even more leisure activities, landmarks and entertainment in the areas surrounding the lake. SpinetiX technology lies at the heart of the system.
DooH that Defies Geography - Lake Constance Infotainment

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SpinetiX technology lies at the heart of the digital infotainment system around Lake Constance. A first for the region, the system is a digital out-of-home (DooH) network designed to reach, inform, and inspire visitors of the region by providing them with high quality targeted messaging at hallmark locations around the lake.



First conceived in 2019, the goal of the Lake Constance Infotainment network was to inspire visitors of the region to discover even more leisure activities, landmarks and entertainment in the areas surrounding the lake. The project called for a solution that answers the following challenges.


lake constance infotainment hotspots spinetix



  • Easy set up, planning, and distribution of content across a large geographical area
  • Allow targeted location-based messaging from multiple stakeholders
  • Sustain around-the-clock operation with the ability to turn off screens automatically to save power
  • Allow for multi-user accessto the cloud platform with different levels of user permissions
  • Scale across an extensive digital signage network of screens at multiple types of locations including hotels, visitor centers, and tourist hotspots
  • Able to collect proof-of-playanalytics around asset playback for monetized content
  • Easy to maintain from a centralized location.

konstanz visitors center digital signage screen part of lake constance infotainment system


The Content Challenge Solved with SpinetiX ARYA Cloud

infotainment digital signage content at a host location

Content diffused across the Lake Constance Infotainment network is fed from multiple stakeholders and falls into three categories: Infotainment content, Partner content, and Digital- out-of-Home (DooH) advertising.

spinetix arya content schedule for infotainment system distribution

SpinetiX ARYA™ cloud enables streamlined management of the full range of content and across the entire infotainment network from a unified location at the media agency’s offices. Content from multiple sources is uploaded to the cloud and scheduled to play at specific screen locations.

This carefully choreographed content flow is ensured by SpinetiX ARYA’s flexibility in managing content.


Infotainment Content

infotainment content on a hotel display part of lake constance infotainment

Infotainment content includes the base flow of information such as on-site weather, news, events agenda, as well as facts and trivia about regional activities and tourist must-sees. This type of content is created and updated by the media agency behind the project, is shown most of the time and is designed to engage guests by providing insights into the Lake Constance area as well as add value to their stay.


Partner Content

Partner content includes content supplied by the host location such as information about the hotel’s amenities, breakfast times, happy hours and more. Distribution of this type of content is free of charge and is limited to the screen at the specific host location. It is divided into 30-second spots four times an hour.


DooH Advertising

dooh advertizing

In parallel with other content distributed across the network of hosts, DooH advertising includes paid spots from cultural venues, tourist stakeholders, and regional leisure providers. It follows partner content spots several times an hour.


Guaranteed Uptime with a Fleet of Robust SpinetiX HMP Players

spinetix digital signage players hmp

The Lake Constance Infotainment system benefits from a fleet of 120 SpinetiX HMP400 digital signage players that work in unison with SpinetiX ARYA cloud to ensure content is always displayed when needed and save power by automatically turning off displays during non-operational hours.


"The installation at Boutiquehotel Zur Winzerstube is very well received and I must say that the content is thoroughly valuable and varied. I'm very happy to be a partner."

Horst Müller,
Hotel Owner,
Boutiquehotel Zur Winzerstube



A Whole New World of Possibilities

konstanz visitors center

Visitors across the region have benefitted from an easy way of discovering even more activities and attractions beyond what they initially planned. This adds value to the experience that partner locations offer and brings increased revenue potential to local businesses. The infotainment system truly serves its purpose by, at the same time, inspiring, guiding, and informing tourists across the Lake Constance region.


New Advertising Opportunities

infotainment display with advertising

The Lake Constance Infotainment network makes it possible to create attractive and consistent DooH advertising content broadcast over a large geographical area. The flexible and dynamic content delivery system enables the creation of high-impact custom visual experiences that catch the attention of visitors across the lake region.


Everyone is a Winner

theater agenda on a digital signage display in a hotel infotainment host

While useful content informs and inspires guests and reaches them at the right place, host locations benefit from free of charge installation and the added value the system brings to their guests. This win-win-win situation has led to plans to more than double the size of the Lake Constance Infotainment system and expand its reach across three countries.




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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

What a phenomenal project. I can imagine how impactful these signs are for those visiting the area! This case study is a perfect template for regions that wish to promote all their area has to offer. And with the multi-user access to upload to the cloud, you've made it simple for contributors to participate.  I assume with the expansion across the 3 countries however, there will be more contributors added - what are the challenges in scaling to this level?

Go to the profile of SpinetiX
about 1 year ago

A scalable solution is crucial - especially in large digital signage projects which, more often than not, expand and grow. As SpinetiX ARYA - the CMS driving the Infotainment network - is a true digital signage SaaS, there are absolutely no scalability challenges.

The new players from the new host locations are simply added with the rest to the media agency's SpinetiX ARYA account and benefit from all SpinetiX ARYA features and setup from the moment they are online. 

There is virtually no limit to the number of locations and the growth of the network. 

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

That's fantastic - thanks for sharing the project with us! I hope other destination areas will get inspired!