Digital Signage Trends That Will Power the Industry in 2023

These trends will create more engaging content and captivating experiences that drive customer engagement, brand loyalty, and sales.
Digital Signage Trends That Will Power the Industry in 2023

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Consumers' lives have been increasingly impacted by digital signage, especially in the retail and Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sectors. Digital signage trends often reflect consumers' needs and changing lifestyle patterns, making the brand-consumer relationship more efficient and consistent. By providing personalized and relevant content, digital signage empowers brands to build stronger relationships with their customers and drive sales.

As digital signage technology progresses, businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure they effectively engage with their customers. Here are five trends to follow in the evolution of digital signage in 2023.

Awareness of the Environment

Sustainability remains a key focus area for brands and businesses alike, so communicating and engaging with consumers is key. Businesses can reduce their environmental impact by replacing static signage with digital signage, reducing the carbon footprint associated with its production, distribution, and disposal. Additionally, digital signage also offers an opportunity to provide dynamic and engaging content that can be regularly updated, creating a more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

Equipment for Commercial Use

As technology advances, commercial-grade equipment becomes more energy efficient, has longer product lifetimes, is more reliable, and provides more consistency when communicating with customers. A quality commercial-grade screen that uses system-on-chip (SOC) digital signage technology will also cost less over time because it will be less likely to fail and turn on automatically after losing power. This improved efficiency and reliability not only helps to reduce operational costs but also ensures better customer service, as the technology ensures communication is always kept up-to-date and secure.

An Emphasis on Data

Data is invaluable, not only for the digital signage industry but for businesses across all sectors. It enables companies to gain insights into customer behavior and improve their services.

Digital signage can now be bidirectional - both actively and passively - thanks to new technology and the ability to integrate it with multiple data sources, providing relevant data that can enhance customer experiences, optimize business operations, and increase profits. Applying virtual-world practices to a brick-and-mortar environment can provide business owners with analytical data to better understand their customers' behavior and target their marketing initiatives more efficiently. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty and improved ROI, allowing businesses to maximize their profits and better serve their customers.

Content Created by Customers

Using interactive technologies, brick-and-mortar retailers can learn as much about their customers as online retailers do. By leveraging customer-generated content, retailers can gain valuable insights and increase customer engagement, allowing them to create more personalized experiences.

Managing Queues Holistically

Digital signage solutions that incorporate queue management are recommended for understanding customer engagement and targeting content to improve the customer experience. Tracking customer behavior through footfall counters or camera technology within a retail or QSR space provides a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. A better understanding of the customer can be used to alter content to reach them better. As a result, digital signage solutions that leverage queue management, footfall counters, and camera technology to understand customer behavior can help create targeted content to improve the customer experience.


2023 will continue to see digital signage evolve and integrate into the everyday lives of consumers and brands.

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