Digital Signage + Ticketing Kiosk -- NASA

How NASA uses digital signage to speed up admissions ticketing transactions
Digital Signage + Ticketing Kiosk -- NASA

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Wow. Been a long long time since we’ve seen stacked double screens in a ticketing kiosk. Usually, it's an overhead attractor but this is a new design iteration that makes the old overhead attractor iteration look totally primitive. Worth noting too that the top screen is independently controlled via BrightSign.

Overhead attractors running digital signage "attract loops" as they are called have been around forever.  You can see if before and after that originally the ticket stalls had the quintessential tacked-on overhead "nude" display.  Didn't exactly exude super technology that takes you to the moon and beyond.  Negative branding in fact.  Communicating upscale is always better than communicating very cheap.

You may remember that phase of ATM Toppers where that industry adopted the overhead digital sign tactic. Pretty tough sell with an ATM since its intrinsic value was always just getting cash. 

One problem with promotional supplemental digital signage is in a case like this with fixed admission tickets, there really is no opportunity to upsell or modify the order.  In fixed ticketing, the objective is to sell more tickets, faster and more efficiently. The buzz phrase is line busting the queue.  Maybe in an entertainment venue where proximity and upsell came into play...

Here in this case, the upper screen can prep or pre-instruct the user to have their payment method ready to use and payment methods accepted. By the time they make their way to head of the line and get to the actual ticketing screen, they can then conduct a faster and less error-prone transaction.

Everybody is happy.

My guess is too these units don't accept cash and that part of the upper prep scheme content is the phrase "E-Payment via CC or E-Wallet Only".

Commentary by Frank Olea on LinkedIn

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex chose us to custom design and supply ticketing kiosks. The design we came up with is inspired by the command consoles of the newer generation rockets. The kiosks literally slip right into the old ticket windows. Not a single screw is used to lock the kiosks into the window frame. In fact, you could remove the kiosk and replace the glass in under an hour. I’ll post more details at a later date.

Here is a video of the units

And here is a before and after photo. As Olea mentioned in comments "The kiosks literally slip right into the old ticket windows. Not a single screw is used to lock the kiosks into the window frame. In fact, you could remove the kiosk and replace the glass in under an hour. Pretty cool edge lights in neon blue eh?


For extra credit you can guess what the intermediary hatch doors are used for. Options include:

  1. Sneak preview of attractions
  2. Coupon good for 15% off
  3. Tether rope to make sure you don't float off into space
  4. Point the way to uncooperative relatives
  5. decorative facade for concrete

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over 1 year ago

Nice installation! Thanks for sharing @Kiosk Manufacturer Association. I imagine their visitors appreciate how quickly and efficiently they can gain access. And wow, how awesome that they fit into the windows and are easily serviceable. Even the hatch on-brand (and your extra credit question is other-worldly!)  Have they shared any data on how effective the units have been vs. staffing the ticket windows?

NASA is very cooperative on this project and they are putting together some material for one of the providers which will pass on to me.  This project expands the definition of "retrofit" for sure utilizing prior structures in a new way.