Cult Classic Films: Building a Community Around Your Business & Brand

If you have been catching on to the brand conversations with Chris Neto, here's the next in line - a deep dive into your favorite cult classics and what you can take away.
Cult Classic Films: Building a Community Around Your Business & Brand

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"Cult classics are films that, over time, have developed a dedicated and passionate fan base, despite not being widely popular or commercially successful. By understanding the elements that contribute to a movie's cult classic status we can gain valuable insights into how to build a loyal customer base and create a lasting impact in the business world. My favorite examples of cult classic movies include The Princess BrideMean GirlsClerksAmerican PsychoOffice Space, Jawbreaker, and Airplane, just to name a few."

Has your interest been piqued? Did he miss your favorite? Tell us your favorite in the comments below...For me, it's the Princess Bride. A wee bit of fantasy, always the love and a character every company needs. The famous Miracle Max.

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
over 1 year ago

Honestly, I rarely get through a day without a Mean Girls reference. And then there's Encino Man...and I can hear the clapping of the coconuts now - Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Ok, @Matt Reber , fellow X-files fan, you must have some good ones....

Go to the profile of Matt Reber
over 1 year ago

I type this next to my "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster! I quote the movie Grandma's Boy and Dodgeball almost every day, I think. But my favorites growing up were This is Spinal Tap, Office Space, Fletch, Super Troopers or really any of the early to mid-90's flicks that starred the SNL cast of the time - Wayne's World, Coneheads, Tommy Boy!