Here's a lesson I learned from my youngest daughter, Pooda 💖

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Pooda has gotten accustomed to eating certain foods we’ve prepared or bought for her since birth but now, suddenly…we’ve made a major lifestyle change in our eating habits and she’s not happy. 1. Some days after school she will opt out of not eating because of my new choice of foods. 2. Saturday mornings ain’t breakfast as usual. What in the world do you do when it’s ALL YOUR FAULT for what she has been eating and it’s ALL YOUR DUTY to make the transition against her desires? What do you do when she falls to the floor and screams, “WHY DADDY, WHY” as if she’s being punished. But IS she being punished for our actions? Do I abort the process and allow her to be a free-moral agent so she won’t be punished anymore? What does God do when we go to Him screaming WHY GOD, WHY?! He allows us to go back to what we like, doesn’t he? He allows us to abort the process and become a free-moral agent, doesn’t he? Regardless of the decision I choose about our eating habits…regardless if you choose to go back to what you like or not…the PROCESS will always be somewhere lurking around the corner awaiting your arrival.

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about 1 year ago

Why take punishment? Habit infection of human life, habit of money, habit of lack, result of human life change = habit. Get used to changing him slowly