Biz Bash: What Every Event Professional Should Know About Data Security

Keeping your attendees' data safe at virtual and hybrid events should be a priority for your entire team. Here, two event tech experts break down what you need to know.
Biz Bash: What Every Event Professional Should Know About Data Security

Check out what Biz Bash has to say about security and your live event:

Why is the event industry such a big target for hacking?

“What makes the event industry so valuable? The people,” points out Gull. “The gathering of professionals who are willing to share knowledge through networking and presentations is the main value proposition of live events.”

But with that high concentration of people and content, he adds, comes a high concentration of data. “The event industry is a data-rich soft target for cyber thieves. Every event you create generates a mountain of data—ranging from contact details to residential details to payment details to dietary requirements all the way through to sponsor leads. As the event approaches, this data is typically shared across a variety of roles, from colleagues and exhibitors to advertisers and hotels. The nature of our industry means this data also moves across international borders.”

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4 months ago

Yes, when hosting virtual/hybrid events, data security should be a top priority! Unless we want hackers to have a field day with attendee info. Thinking about various security holes that hackers are likely to exploit is so advantageous. It's great to hear these tips from 2 event tech experts to keep info safe & secure. What do you think is the most powerful piece of advice?