Barco ImagePROcessing Exchange

Talk with me about Barco Folsom Event Master and other ImagePROcessing from Barco and Folsom.
Barco ImagePROcessing Exchange

I am deeply involved in the Event Master Product line with E2-4K, S3-4K, EX, IP-4K and PDS-4K. I am open to discuss topics around imageprocessing and my products but Tech Support has to go thru Barco.

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Go to the profile of Abbe Westerlundh
11 months ago

2 weeks and no action....

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS
11 months ago

Hi Abbe,

Thanks for creating the post and offering up your expertise. The post appears when Barco is searched. It's also displayed on your personal profile, along with any comments you may make. As the Xchange ramps up and more members join, these types of contributions will become valuable to the broader audience. 

Thanks for your contribution and please continue to explore the Xchange, comment on other posts, tag a colleague to alert them to the activity... and more.