Are You Neurodiverse?

Are You Neurodiverse?

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Imagine yourself at a concert. You are standing directly in front of the stage and as close to the stackable subs as you can get. The overhead lighting is shining down on you and rapidly changing colors to play along with the theme of the show. It is a packed house and you are elbow to elbow with fans of all ages. Sounds like a typical fun night, right?

Now imagine that the speakers, which you are so close to, are playing a sound, equivalent of 100 nails being dragged across a chalkboard. The lights are as if a strobe light is being shot directly into your eyes, and the crowd is yelling directly at you for 3 hours straight. Not as much fun, is it?

This is what it could possibly be like for someone who is on the Autism spectrum.

Dante's Business Development Manager and AVIXA Diversity Council member Robb Voorhees shares his experience as a proud father of a neurodiverse daughter in his article, "It's Too Loud!" Robb poignantly highlights the importance of the Pro AV industry deepening its knowledge of Neurodiversity and how its products and technologies can be used to create more inclusive spaces. 

Read the entire article here:

"It's Too Loud!" - Exertis Almo Installments Blog

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
over 1 year ago

@Samantha Powell, thanks for sharing this powerful article. @Robert Voorhees, you've painted such a picture of how some are so critically affected by light and sound and the need for our industry to be cognizant of neurodiversity in our designs. I appreciate the technologies and solutions you've cited and would love to hear from others about ways to create welcoming spaces. 

A few champions on the topic come to mind... @Jennifer Steinhardt, @Frank Padikkala ...

Go to the profile of Robert Voorhees
over 1 year ago

thank you @Lisa Matthews, CTS i value that feedback!